Online AB 1234 Ethics Training

Course Introduction

Effective January 1, 2006, state law (AB 1234) requires (among other things) that local officials that receive compensation, salary, stipends, or expense reimbursements must receive training in public service ethics laws and principles every two years. The requirement applies not only to the governing body of a local agency, but also commissions, committees, boards, or other local agency bodies, whether permanent or temporary, decision-making or advisory.

The bill further requires the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Attorney General's Office to be consulted regarding the proposed course content. Each entity has adopted standards concerning trainer qualifications and course content.

Fair Political Practices Commission Standards and Attorney General Standards.

Online Ethics Course

To help local officials meet their ethics training requirements, the Institute for Local Government and the Fair Political Practices Commission have developed the ethics training course available on this website. The course has been approved by the Attorney General's Office and Fair Political Practices Commission.

To take the course and receive a proof of participation certificate, click on the "start" button below to begin.

Note: Officials should check with their agency on specific ethics training requirements before taking this online course.

Thank Yous

The AT&T Foundation provided vital financial support to fund the development of this course. Thank you too to the County Counsel's Office in San Joaquin, which provided valuable peer review of this program. In addition, the County of Monterey contributed important technological expertise in online learning to this effort.

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